Welcome to Araconta’s Charity Headquarters


Humble Beginnings and Who We’ve Grown to Be in the Dental and Medical Marketing Services

Araconta Design & Technology Group has provided quality Dental and Medical Marketing Services for over 20 years. As a leader in the industry, Araconta distributes technical consulting, software, and services worldwide. You can find the Araconta software framework in well known design companies such as RPM-Dental.com and many others.

Araconta is an extremely diverse company. In 2006, Araconta expanded their horizons and made a huge impact in the the printing and copy industry. In 2010, Araconta sold the printing and copy division to a competitor in efforts to continue expansion into the medical and dental arenas. Previously based in Istanbul and London, Araconta moved the hub of it’s operation to Atlantic City, New Jersey to better serve the bulk of their clients in the continental US.

Araconta has become involved in many learning outreach programs across the world, as one of their main missions is to provide charitable resources that facilitate the advance of technology as well as the advance of Medical and Dental related research. Arazar Conta, founder, has managed to leave a significant fingerprint in several technology related fields. Arazar attributes his technological accomplishments to his education. If you would like to find out more info on this topic, please send an email message to araconta@outlook.com.