Marketing 101

Internet Marketing – 101




In the beginning; the world of computer-generated communication was simply an electronic expressway where basic data was transferred from one computer station to another via phone lines as opposed to hard copy sent through the U.S. mail. From it’s infancy through the explosive bubble bursting quandary of the 1990’s, the Internet has grown from a rudimentary method of information exchanges to a vast landscape, overflowing with everything the human experience can offer.

This “new” media had, in the beginning stages at least, presented itself as a limitless goldmine where anyone with even the remotest assemblage of a website could reach out to millions of consumers and cash in by simply planting their flag along the virtual highway and waving in the eager masses. But soon this wonderland of clickable access became a mire of digital billboards as search queries turned up millions of link responses, all eager to show their stuff. No longer the wide open plains of yesteryear; today’s web is a massive jungle of twisting mis-directions, poisonous traps and dark pits that can swallow an ill-prepared adventurer and bury them far away; adrift in its ever changing matrix with no hope of human contact.

Very sad really.

The beauty of the Internet, aside from an unending supply of the most trivial bits of data, excessive blogs clamoring for legitimacy and the ultimate in bizarre behaviors, is that for a business or organization the web has the unique ability to showcase a locale as a global entity or narrow the view to just your neighborhood. The trick to achieving marketable success and profitability in this endeavor is how you garner the appropriate traffic to your site and then convert said traffic into “business”. And here’s the rub; it’s not a simple solution. Each enterprise, in order to generate and maintain a real return on their investment needs to have a well planned and executed web strategy that is designed to entice, quantify, capture and convert “targeted” traffic into clientele.

Before we get into the marketing aspect we must get down to basics and understand what goes into “all of this stuff”.

It is not uncommon for companies to have a mis-understanding or a lack of appreciation for what is a properly conceived and constructed website presence. It’s one thing to be found by the search engines; however as with any brick and mortar business, store front presence is paramount. Many websites are so badly done that even when they are found by their targeted customers it amounts to a quick home page peek and then gone. This is a crucial element for web marketing and makes the difference between having volumes of traffic that give you “hits” but no profits and a site that is a source of income instead of an expense.