check your teeth before you sleep

Looking after your teeth as you sleep

Being able to look after your sleep is easy to do if you prepare well. But, did you know there are things you can do to improve your oral health as you sleep?

Well, there is. A few things, actually. Here’s what some of those things are:

  • Brush before bed – You might think brushing after dinner is best, but it’s not. The time between when you have dinner and go to bed can be hours. In that time, you might have a drink, a dessert, a cigarette, or a snack. Whatever gets on your teeth before bed will be there as you sleep. Get rid of the dirt and go to bed with a clean mouth. If you really want a good clean, look at electric toothbrushes. The small heads that move get in and really give it to the dirt and bacteria. Dentistry is best when it’s used as prevention.
  • Teeth grinding – There’s a lot of reasons why people grind their teeth. Stress, nervousness, worry, physical problems, muscle and facial damage etc., can cause the jaw to move. Grinding your teeth essentially, well, it grinds down your teeth. This can cause cracking, cavities and weak teeth. Depending on why you grind your teeth, you’ll find the answers are different. If it’s mental, you might have to take a course of medication, practice mindfulness or meditation before you sleep. If it’s physical, you might need a surgery, pain medication or to change some lifestyle habits (Like chewing gum). A mouthguard helps a lot. It doesn’t stop the cause of the grinding, but it stops the grinding from affecting your teeth. And, if you’re sleeping next to someone it’s going to help them get a better night’s sleep. Dentistry can make some great mouthguards that fit perfectly.
  • Water – Besides drinking water throughout the day, have a bottle of water next to your bed. During the night, if you wake up with a dry mouth, have a drink. This helps to keep you hydrated. Being well hydrated means better oral health, less dry mouth and better breath.

Follow these tips and you won’t have to rely on dentistry to do any major repairs. It’s always the little things that make the biggest difference, so take the time and the care now. You’ll get the results in your smile now and later.

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